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I πŸ’‹ INK Lip Trios

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Color: Dusty Pink View Color/Expert Guide
A neutral, pink lip pigment with matching lip blush stain and pencil. Use Tina's innovative process to up-sell lip blushing by allowing your clients to try on a lip color before committing to the procedure.
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Product Details

Heals True to Tone
Heals True to Tone

For confident color selection.

Ready To Use
Ready To Use

No mixing or modifying required

Vivid Color
High Pigment Load

For vivid color with 90%+ color retention

Stable Colors
Stable Colors

High lightfastness prevents colors from shifting.

  • Reference Tina's color chart for each color matching 
  • Let your client try their desired lip color with the smudge-proof Lip Blush Stain
  • Pre-draw it with the matching Lip Pencil
  • Ink it with the matching Lip Pigment
  • Offer your client the matching Lip Blush Stain to blush it post procedure to boost their lip color

Pigments, glycerin, witch hazel, aqua, rosin, benzyl alcohol, and isopropyl alcohol.

Expert Guide

Dusty Pink
Pink Rose
Perfect Pink
Orange Coral
Pink Coral
Soft Red


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