Case Study 2: Microblading for Denise


Here’s a case of a client with mature skin.  In this case, my client wanted new brows that had the high-arch look that she had been drawing for years. Usually, I do not recommend this type of design, but during her consultation, we drew them on and not only did they look great, it was exactly the how she drew them herself (but better) and that level of familiarity made her very happy. 

 This client was an exciting challenge as she had no existing hair, allowing us to create any brow shape and design that she wanted. If you ever find yourself in this situation make sure you err on the side of caution and do something you know that he/she will be comfortable with.  

Since she was blonde and mature, we went for a medium definition color, which is not too light nor too dark.  This color is from my new Tina Davies x Permablend line, and it’s called MEDIUM BROWN. 
It’s not too dark and not too light- a great starter color that is safe and easy to darken by adding a bit of pencil. It also makes a great starting point for when she returns for come back for her follow up appointment wanting a little more definition next time.  I find this color is safe and conservative when you (and your client) don’t want to overdo it the first time around.

For this client,  I did not do Blade and Shade as this client did not want a bold defined brow look, but more of a natural, everyday look. Microblading alone is best for achieving a very natural, soft look, and was perfect for this client.

It is important to always assess your clients wants and needs in the consultation to help you determine what you need to do to achieve that for them. You do not necessarily have to tell them everything you will be doing, as this can often leave them confused and unsure.

I find it is best to get a really strong idea of what they want to achieve and simply tell them “ I can do that for you, no problem” and make the best decision for them based on your expertise. 

I’ve attached this client’s before, immediately after and healed results so you can check out the progression and see how well she healed and retained the color.

Check out the result and let me know if you like this look!

Procedure Notes: 

Method:  Microblading

Needles Used:  Harmony 14U Microblade

Color:  Tina Davies x Permablend Medium Brown (coming soon)

Client Notes: 63-Year-old,  Fitz 2, Anglo woman

Skin type:  Grape-thinner and non-sensitive

Artist: Tina Davies


Immediately After

Healed After 3 Months

Healed:  closeup

Healed After 3 Months


This is what I was looking for! I have a client I will be microblading in a few weeks. While she is older than this client she has thin mature skin but virtually no hair. I was more interested in the pattern. She wants a thinner brow with a nice arch and tail that does not take the eye downward. She is blonde so we are going with the I love Ink blonde…My training we practiced mixed transition and I think i’st beautiful but in this case I think I want to go with upward strokes and shading…This case study kinda sealed the deal for me. I must also add that I was at the Queen City show and took both of Tina’s classes…those seminars gave me such a boost and comfort. I’m not that naive to ever think I don’t need to practice and continue to hone my skills but I just want to thank you,Tina and your team for unselfishly sharing your knowledge and success!

Judy McDonough April 16, 2019

Her smile say it all, doesn’t it?! Gorgeous!

Norma Newcomb July 05, 2018

Thank you for always going into detail throughout the process. It’s hard to determine color on mature clients. You did amazing one again!

Michele B May 08, 2018

your right about the blade and shade,it is not the best for mature brows as it can come back as looking too filled in and not showing hair strokes,it happened to me.

Angela Mastroberti May 08, 2018

Hi Tina!! Just dropping by to say your awesome as always!!! I have always looked up to your great skills and customer service, not that I have been a customer ( lol ) but watching your videos show how professional and client centred you are!!!

Daisy Mejorada May 08, 2018

Hi Tina!! Just dropping by to say your awesome as always!!! I have always looked up to your great skills and customer service, not that I have been a customer ( lol ) but watching your videos show how professional and client centred you are!!!

Daisy Mejorada May 08, 2018


Elizabeth Martinez May 08, 2018

It looks amazing and so natural! Beautiful job!!!

Ann Lotero May 08, 2018


Ashema Chawla May 08, 2018

Thank you for doing an older Fitz 2-3. It is most of what I get daily. I always see just dark and black pigments used in just about all the MB videos, ads, instagram, FB and sites. I get these gals and women with no hair due to age, thyroid, alopecia, genetics or chemotherapy. I have always said that we need to see more of the majority of clients that seek us out. It is easier to do women of darker hair color, with brow hair and youthful skin. I think we should showcase more of these women as a whole. Thank you again and I cannot wait for the new pigments!!!

Debbue May 08, 2018

They’re beautiful!!! Can’t wait to order the line of pigments!!!

Hollie Nguyen May 08, 2018

Stunning color and brow stroke

Looks amazing May 08, 2018

Wow, can’t dream of getting better healed results than that…so crisp and true to colour!

Joleen Stewart (Bloom Studio) May 08, 2018

Thank you for sharing a story about working with mature skin. Everyone wants to feel pretty and I love gaining knowledge about working on more challenging skin types. I’m anxiously awaiting the new pigments, please hurry!

Theresa Rayer May 08, 2018

Dear Tina,

I looooove this result!! You’re a true artist!

Love Nydia

Nydia van Dijk Baert May 08, 2018

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“I set out to design a microblade that I knew would put our needs first as artists.”

- Tina Davies