Behind Every Great Beauty is a GREAT Brow...

Consultations are one of the most important parts of a permanent makeup procedure. This is your chance to get aligned with your client’s visions, desires and needs and figure out how you can make their wishes come true. 

Many of your clients seek guidance on what brow styles will work best for their face shape, coloring and lifestyle. Having a visual prompt for them such as your portfolio or Instagram pictures will eliminate uncertainty and make your consultation as easy and smooth as possible. 

We’ve prepared a list of our ultimate favourite celebrity eyebrows, broken down into popular styles to help provide you with some bomb eyebrow inspiration for your clients!

‘Classic Beauty’ Brows

When we think of ‘classic beauty’ we often think of the mid-century era superstars like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Dandridge. Nowadays, many clients will look for a timeless eyebrow style but with a more modern look. Providing references for contemporary celebrity eyebrows can really help with the consultation process. Here are some of our favourite eyebrow inspirations today:

Blondes & Redheads

When it comes to blondes and redheads, your clients may need some inspiration by looking at celebrities with similar coloring to them. A great way to nudge your client in the right direction color-wise is to show them beautiful examples of naturally blonde or red eyebrows. Seeing these gorgeous, natural brows will allow your clients to trust that the color you choose for them will look fabulous. 

Bold n’ Bushy

For the last 10 years, the eyebrows we see on red carpets have been getting bushier and bolder. Brows are definitely back, baby! We love to see celebrities embracing their natural eyebrows, but many of our clients will not be blessed with full brows or will have plucked away many of their natural hairs when it was trendier to have thinner eyebrows (thanks, Gwen Stefani!). Some of your clients will want to enhance their eyebrows with thicker, darker strokes to replicate some of the famous brows you see below:


We can’t forget about the guys! More than ever, men are seeking out our services to enhance their eyebrows. It’s more commonplace nowadays for men to make an effort to improve their appearance, but often they aren’t sure where to find inspiration. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite male eyebrows from popular celebrities that your clients will recognize. Show them these references to help them choose a shape that they feel comfortable with.

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Who are your ultimate eyebrow inspirations? What celebrities do your clients show you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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