Peek Into The Point of Our PIXL 1RL MT Needle

Some of the biggest issues PMU artists face are lack of pigment deposit and poor retention. Many different variables can cause these struggles - such as technique, client skin challenges, and the artist’s experience level.

As you try new tools and techniques to hone your craft, you will not only gain new skills and grow your confidence, but you’ll also learn from your mistakes (and we all make them)!

With our ongoing mission to reduce artist’s struggles, shorten your learning curve, and improve client outcomes, my team and I focus on making great tools to make your work shine and results better than ever.

The Single Needle Saga

Let’s talk about needles, specifically single needles, known as 1 round liner or 1RL. 1RL needles are one of the most popular needle sizes in each modern PMU artist’s toolbox. Artists and trainers love using the 1RL needle for the following reasons:

  • It is a singular, sharp needle that allows for the most precision and detail due to its small size.
  • It goes into the skin easily with nearly no resistance.
  • It allows the creation of precise line work, hair strokes, and various shaded effects by “layering” singular pixels, one at a time.

Now, let’s talk about needle tapers.

The needle's taper is essentially how gradually it goes from thick to thin, ending at the tip of the needle. Think of it like the slope or slant of the needle's point.

Needle tapers are important because this is the part of the needle that actually enters the skin, therefore this is what determines the size of the pigment impression/hole made in the skin. The longer the taper, the smaller the hole, and vice versa. Therefore, the longer the taper, the smaller your pixel of pigment will appear in the skin. 

When you’re working with normal skin that is not sensitive, not compromised, and not too thin or too thick, the 1RL LT (long taper) needles can work super well for various techniques like hairstrokes, line-work, and shaded effects including ombré brows, lip blushing, shaded eyeliner, and multi-dimensional areola work.

BUT, and here’s the big but - if you’re struggling to get pigment in the skin and the color is not building as expected, you could be creating trauma without pigment deposit. Trauma often looks like excessive redness, bruising, swelling, or even bleeding- which all means the skin is likely being overworked.

If you’re working with skin that is sensitive, thin, thick, textured, or compromised, the 1RL LT may just not be the right tool for the job, and may even be creating more harm than good. When this happens, you’ll need another type of 1RL needle that will give you that boost to make your needle work more efficient and less traumatizing.

Introducing the PIXL 1 Round Liner Medium Taper Needle Cartridge.
Precision amplified, stability refined.

More Taper Talk

The primary distinctions between the 1RL LT and 1RL MT needles lie in their taper design and how this impacts tattooing. The PIXL 1RL MT needle will make a larger hole/impression in the skin as it has a shorter taper length, (3.5mm) compared to the 1RL LT (6mm) needle which will make a smaller hole/impression.

The taper also impacts the speed of your pigment deposit, and therefore, the saturation of your final results. Because of the smaller needle tip size, a 1RL LT needle provides a slower and more controlled pigment deposit, making them suitable for fine, delicate lines, smaller pixels, and super-intricate designs.

A 1RL MT needle is designed for quicker and easier pigment deposit due to the shorter taper and wider needle tip. This can be advantageous for creating more saturated lines and filling in larger areas with pixels that appear visible more quickly.

Immediately after & healed shaded eyeliner with PIXL 0.30mm 1RL MT by PRO Team artist Yolanda

When deciding which needle to use, be sure to consider both skin type and technique.

Needle suitability may greatly depend on your client’s skin. For instance, when working on normal, easy-to-deal-with skin, the 1RL LT may be preferred for its precision. In contrast, when dealing with delicate, mature, thick, or tricky skin, the 1RL MT offers more efficiency as you can get more pigment in faster with less trauma to the skin. The key is knowing to try different tools to get more color in with less trauma.

Every artist gets to craft their own style over time. With so many unique techniques, rhythms, and patterns developed like a signature, it’s no wonder your chosen tools like needle preferences can also feel very personal. When you find yourself battling tricky skin and the pigment just isn't playing nice, don't hesitate to switch things up. Your canvas, your rules! There is no reason to stick with just one tool.

Crisp outline & lip blush with PIXL 0.30 mm 1RL MT by PRO Team artist Hannah @hannahwalker_pmu

Unwavering Stability

In our ongoing quest for innovation and improvement, we’ve also added an internal, stainless steel tube around the needle for maximum stability and support.

1RL MT needle wrapped with a stainless steel tube

This reduces the wobble of the needle, forcing it to move straight up-and-down instead of side-to-side, which is extremely beneficial for doing fine-line work like hair strokes or outlines. Less wobble leads to more precise results and better-healed outcomes!

The Perfect Pigment Partner for FADE

Another great feature of these new needles is how well they play with all your favorite pigments! FADE is our newest line of inorganic-based hybrid pigments, designed for clients who want more flexibility and less longevity.

As FADE mainly consists of inorganic pigment ingredients, the pigment particles are larger in size. Though not visible to the naked eye, this can sometimes pose just a bit more resistance during the tattooing process and may require additional passes to get into the skin when compared to an organic-based pigment with smaller particle sizes that fly into the skin.

Because of this, the PIXL 1RL MT needles are a great compliment to FADE, since they will make a larger impression in the skin, paving the way for those larger particles to implant with ease with fewer passes for less trauma.

Immediately after combination brows with PIXL 0.30mm 1RL MT & FADE Dark Warm Brown by PRO Team artist Leanne @leannemacedobrowstudio

Immediately after ombré brows PIXL 0.35mm 1RL MT & FADE Deep Cool Brown
by PRO Team artist Elise @beautytobeseen

The new PIXL 1RL MT needles are available in 3 diameters: 0.25mm, 0.30mm, and 0.35mm.

They are all suitable for lining and shading brows, eyes, lips, and areola.

Tattooing is a complex skill that you will hone over time into indelible masterpieces that bring delight to your clients with beauty to wake up to, so continue being that passionate artist and we will be here to support you with the best tools!

Check out some more results below using the new PIXL 1RL MT Needle Cartridges, and don’t forget to show us your work by tagging @tinadaviesprofessional and using #yestinadavies!

Hair strokes in progress with PIXL 0.25mm 1RL MT by PRO Team artist Yolanda

Immediately after eyeliner with PIXL 0.35mm 1RL MT by PRO Team artist Natalie @browbabe.natalie

Immediately after lip blush with PIXL 0.30mm 1RL MT by PRO Team artist Natalie @browbabe.natalie

Immediately after shaded eyeliner with PIXL 0.25mm 1RL MT by PRO Team artist Yolanda

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