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I have a bad habit to admit to...I am an ink hoarder. I have literally hundreds of colors in my PMU collection simply because I adore color and love collecting that perfect shade of coral for a lip, teal color for an eyeliner, or a broad range of skin tones for a camouflage coverup.


I didn’t become an ink hoarder overnight. Actually, hoarding was the result of me encountering new situations, visiting conferences, or trying new modalities. As I developed as an artist, I quickly began to realize how important my tools and pigments are and how much I depend on them to craft beautiful pieces of art on my client’s faces.  


I remember when I first started collecting inks. To be honest, finding the right colors was really confusing. I experimented with so many brands, so many different colors and literally filled up dozens of notebooks with swatches about how everything healed and aged over time. Needless to say, color selection was a never-ending puzzle filled with trial and error.

The primary reason I developed the I ❤️INK line with Perma Blend was to help share all my learnings with other artists.  It took me years to get the colors just right, and it also took me lots of trial and error to fully vet Perma Blend and make sure the pigments actually healed the way I intended them to. The result of all that work was a very easy-to-use set of pigments for almost every eyebrow situation you’ll encounter. I continue to hear from so many of you that I ❤️ INK’s simple approach has been a game-changer. Also, many of you have shared with me that not having to think about all the mixing and various color combinations has accelerated your development as an artist. This makes me very happy.


I ❤️ INK Sunset Collection 

I’ve also heard from lots of artists that you want more. You want to mix and customize. You want more creative freedom. I get it… I love mixing to achieve the exact outcome I need and I also know that my current eyebrow line of I ❤️ INK and Sunset just doesn’t cover all the situations that many of you encounter for the various parts of the face and body such as eyes and areolas, scalp and scar cover-ups, etc. Frankly, we all need more color options.

Over the last 2+ years, I’ve gotten to know Lou (Perma Blend Founder) and his team really well and I trust them implicitly. Before Perma Blend came along, I, along with thousands of PMU artists around the world, worked so hard to gain the trust of our clients and have the honor to tattoo their face, only to be let down by mediocre, fast-fading pigments that left our clients with embarrassing colors that would make any PMU artist cringe and wonder “what happened to the color?  I need to fix that ASAP!”


When I struggled with pigment retention and color shifting, no other company listened, claiming that the color issues were due to my poor technique, improper pigment selection, client medications. etc. It made no sense to me why I had hundreds of cases of the same ugly red, orange or grey eyebrows.  Surely, not all of my clients were on the same meds or washing their faces the same way. I started to talk to other artists about it and to my shock, they had the same problems but were too embarrassed to talk about it. But Lou listened to me. He was there for me and helped me formulate and develop specialty colors to suit the needs of my fellow artists.  He was and is, a true partner.



Quality ink matters and it is a true reflection of your work in the long run. It’s what keeps your clients coming back for your services because it LASTS and still looks amazing, even after years of washing, sun, and need I say, aging. Finally, Perma Blend was the answer to my prayers and has helped me to gain back the trust of my clients. I can sleep well at night knowing they are not walking around with weird funky colors that damage my reputation as an artist.


Here’s the good news, we now have you covered. In addition to stocking I ❤️INK, our site will now be carrying the entire Perma Blend line. We’re expanding on our relationship with Lou Rubino and their 50+ years of experience creating world-class pigments and inks. Starting today, we now have all the Perma Blend colors available for our artist community. So you, the artist can unleash your creativity with a full range of colors at your fingertips.


In our shop you’ll find an extensive collection of colors plus, all your favorite artist series that keep things simple for you: I ❤️INK, Lulu, Mandy Sauler, Naomi O’Hara, and more!


Sultry Lips Collection Scalp Collection,  I ❤️ INK Collection, Sunset Collection 


· Endless brow colors for customizing that perfect shade of brown or blonde.


· Vivid eyeliner colors in charcoal, teal, violet, and more!


· Sumptuous lip colors to rival the pallettes at the makeup counter

· A broad range of skin tone colors for camouflage and scar coverage


· Specialty modifiers and toners to warm, cool, or cover any color.


· Soft and muted 3-d areola colors for the most realistic work


· Specialty scalp colors for SMP


Look out for our custom color charts to make your life easier and keep your palette blooming.  We got you, artists!



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