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Invest in yourself and elevate your PMU skills from leading industry experts anytime, anywhere.

Education plays a crucial role in the journey to become the permanent makeup artist you strive to be and our mission is to provide all artists a space dedicated to elevating your PMU skills from Tina Davies anytime, anywhere. 

As artists ourselves, we understand creating beautiful permanent make-up and learning at the same time can be challenging. The Tina Davies Academy allows you to learn at your own pace, where you can revisit your courses anytime on your mobile, tablet or your computer!

Featuring exclusive detailed and comprehensive videos, theory, case studies, and quizzes - you will have exposure to advanced permanent makeup techniques. The academy will leave you with the time-tested knowledge, and confidence to shorten your learning curve.  

The Tina Davies Academy guides you and sets you up for success with online 1-on-1 training. 



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Save BIG when you combine your favorite Tina Davies products with in-depth techniques in our advanced online training courses - perfect for qualified artists looking to learn at your own pace as you sharpen your skills. Because your success is our priority.

Meet Your Instructors:


Tina Davies

Founder of Tina Davies Professional, Tina Davies is a permanent make-up artist, inventor, product designer, wife, and mom from Toronto, Canada. She is the creator of the world’s first fully disposable microblade and beloved I ❤️INK Pigment Line. During her career, she has completed over 15,000 permanent make-up procedures and was one of the first artists to bring microblading to North America. Her passion is product design and sharing her techniques and insights to help her fellow artists improve their art.  

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Note: The Tina Davies Academy is intended for certified Permanent Makeup Professionals and is not a substitute for fundamental training. 

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“I set out to design a microblade that I knew would put our needs first as artists.”

- Tina Davies