What is Microblading Shading Solution?

What is Shading Solution used for?

Microblading Shading Solution, included in the Tina Davies I LOVE Ink Pigment Set is used simply as an optional dilutant for any artist who wants to add manual shading to their microblading procedure. 

You do not need to use shading solution when doing machine shading, or powder brows.

What is manual shading? 

Manual shading is the process of adding a light wash of color behind microbladed hair strokes to create a look of depth and dimension. The final result looks natural, 3 dimensional, and full. Typically, adding shading results in longer retention than microblading alone. It is done using a manual hand shading tool like the 19 Shader - NOT a machine.

Tina typically does both microblading and shading in one procedure and is using this technique on about 50% of her clients.

You can learn Tina's signature Blade and Shade technique in our exclusive Blade and Shade Video Tutorial

How is shading solution used?

It's simple!

1. Add 2 parts of your target pigment color, and 8 parts shading solution to a pigment cup.

2. Mix well with pigment mixer.

3. Start manual shading!


Here are some HEALED Microblading and Shading Results:

Healed, Bold Brown

Healed, Ebony

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I really like the look when finished…..

Lydia murillo May 22, 2019

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